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Team Building Tool for Offices

Engaging Interaction: Provides a platform for colleagues to connect and compete in a fun, multiplayer quiz environment.Customized Content: Allows quizzes tailored to industry-specific questions and company culture.Remote Team Integration: Facilitates connections between remote team members, bridging geographical barriers.Alignment with Corporate Goals: Customizable to include questions about company history, milestones, and achievements to enhance corporate identity.Privacy and Security: Ensures that company information and interactions remain confidential.

Educational Aid for Teachers

AI-Generated Content: Enables teachers to create customized quizzes, based on subjects, topics, and difficulty levels.Alignment with Curriculum: Aligns quizzes with specific educational standards and curriculums.Interactive Learning Platform: Provides an engaging platform to promote active student participation.Gamified Learning Experience: Enhances engagement through gamification elements.Secure and Privacy-Focused: Maintains privacy and security of student information.

Play, Grow, Enjoy as Family

All-Age Entertainment: Engages family members of all ages.Real-Time Multiplayer Fun: Enables real-time multiplayer fun across different devices and locations.Customizable Quiz Themes: Offers quiz customization based on family interests, hobbies, and history.Connect Across Distances: Facilitates connection between geographically distant family members.Easy Accessibility: Features an intuitive interface for all technological skill levels.Secure and Private Experience: Ensures privacy and security for family data and interactions


Harness the power of AI to simplify quiz creation. Turn any text into a ready-to-play quiz in just seconds!


Screen-share the quiz on Teams/Zoom and advance questions as participants cast their votes in real-time.


Scan the QR code with your mobile phone to respond to questions in real-time - no download required.

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With SuperQuiz, you can create intelligent quizzes and present them to participants with real-time voting and interactive features. Scan QR codes for instant access, and host without hassle on Teams or Zoom to make quizzes fun and engaging.




🔵 AI-Powered Creation: Craft quizzes with AI ease.
🔵 2 SuperQuizzes: Get a taste of AI powered quiz creation.
🔵 Multiplayer Fun: Play with friends and family.
🔵 Secure and Private: Control access to quizzes.
🔵 Educational Benefits: Enhance learning and engagement.


$7.99 monthly or $74.99 yearly (20% savings)

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$74.99 ➡️ $7.99

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AI-Powered Creation: Craft quizzes with AI ease.
Unlimited Quizzes: No limits on quiz creation/play.
Multiplayer Fun: Play with friends and family.
Secure and Private: Control access to quizzes.
Educational Benefits: Enhance learning and engagement.
Premium Support: Priority help when needed.
Constant Updates: Priority access to the latest features.
Affordable Investment: Great value for quiz lovers.

- Educators can enjoy 3 months free. Contact us at from your school email address to get started.

- Cancel anytime from the Account page with a single click.


1. What is SuperQuiz?
- SuperQuiz is a platform for creating, presenting, and participating in quizzes. Whether you're crafting a quiz for educational purposes, a fun competition, or testing subject matter expertise, SuperQuiz offers a flexible and interactive platform to meet your needs.
2. How can I create quizzes in SuperQuiz?
- You can create quizzes in SuperQuiz by pasting your own text. SuperQuiz uses AI to extract relevant questions, allowing you to add, remove, or edit questions and the options within those questions to suit your preferences.
3. Can I join a SuperQuiz without downloading an app?
- Yes, joining a SuperQuiz is easy and doesn't require downloading any additional software or applications. You can participate by scanning a QR code with your mobile phone or clicking the join link for the quiz.
4. How do I share my SuperQuiz on platforms like Teams or Zoom?
- SuperQuiz can be shared on any virtual meeting platform that allows window or screen sharing, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, WebEx, Skype, Slack, and more. Organizers can screen-share the quiz window and advance questions as participants vote on answers, providing an engaging experience without needing specialized technical skills.
5. Is SuperQuiz secure, and what about privacy?
- SuperQuiz prioritizes security and privacy, adhering to industry-standard practices to ensure that your information and privacy are always protected.
Note: If you have any additional questions, we're happy to help! Feel free to contact us at

About Me

Hello, and welcome to SuperQuiz! I'm Ashwini, the creator of this AI-powered multiplayer quiz app. My journey, rooted in education and the pursuit of simplified technology, has inspired me to build a platform that transcends traditional boundaries.From Classroom to Coding
Before stepping into the tech world, I was devoted to educating the next generation. I witnessed firsthand the challenges that teachers faced in incorporating technology into their classrooms. From cumbersome interfaces to a lack of user-friendly tools, the struggle was real, and it resonated with me deeply.
It wasn't just about making technology more accessible; I realized there was an opportunity to create tools that could enhance learning experiences, foster collaboration, and simplify the complexities of tech integration.SuperQuiz was born out of a desire to bridge the technology gap in education, but its potential reaches far and wide. From educators crafting interactive quizzes to businesses seeking team-building activities, to families looking for a fun way to connect, this platform offers something for everyone.A Career Shift Inspired by a Vision
The idea of crafting something that could genuinely help my fellow educators propelled me to shift my career towards development. I embarked on an intensive journey to master full-stack development, merging my passion for education with a focus on creating intuitive and engaging technology. The result? SuperQuiz! A platform designed to make quizzes engaging, effortless, and fun, not just for teachers but also for offices and families.
Join Me in Making an Impact
My vision for SuperQuiz is about building connections, enhancing learning, and creating joyful experiences across all walks of life. It's more than a quiz platform; it's a tool that brings people together, fosters collaboration, and sparks curiosity.
I invite you to explore the app, share your insights, and be part of a platform that's designed for everyone. Whether you're a teacher, a team leader, or a family member, there's something here for you.Feel free to contact me at with any questions, ideas, or feedback. Your voice matters, and I'm eager to hear from you!Connect with me on LinkedIn to follow my journey!

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